1999 Seattle WTO Protest - The Human Experience
Raw Footage Interactive Documentary
Take a Walk with Those of us That were Really there.


Many Thanks and Praise

To the videographers here for your dedication, courage and steady hand,

Brandon LeCuir
Brian Foley
Brian Jones
Ed Mays
Melissa Parson
Mike McCormick
Jane Jarlesburg
Jen Domeier
Josh and Mark of PTTV
Paul Richmond
Ricardo Hubbs
Stephanie Higgins

I have pondered time and time again how amazing it is how we were all drawn to different parts of the protest and city, resulting in very wide coverage of an event that no one person could possible know..until they have seen all this footage.

Very Special Thanks to the IMC, the Independent Media Center, for inspiring us all and giving us the training and organization to go out there and shoot the footage necessary to truly cover an indescribable and historic event.

Bless you all, those there, those watching, those creating in their own communities. We are all of us making history together.

- Jen Domeier


















N30 - WTO Conference Day 1
Big Rally and March
Human Rights + Labor Rights Day

About N30
Town Hall
3rd+Union blockade
Looking down 4th Ave
4th+Pike dumpster in the intersection
4th_University lockdown. art n dancin'
5th+Pike banner hang
6th+Pike - stage lockdown. art
6th+Union - lockdown. tear-gassed
6th+University - lockdown. tear-gassed, delegates trapped inside the Hilton
7th+Pine - block party
8th+Seneca - lockdown. pepper sprayed
B-Roll Day
Boren+Pike lockdown. puppets
Boren+Pine lockdown. puppets
Labor Rally n March
Indigenous People's March
Olive+Terry tripod Lockdown
Shame on China
After Dark

D2 - WTO Conference Day 3
Food and Agriculture Day
D3 - WTO Conference Day 4
Corporate Accountability Day

Thanks and praise.

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