1999 Seattle WTO Protest - The Human Experience
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N30 Night Actions

Things are feeling a little less safe now that thousands of protesters and all the media has gone home. But people remain.

DATE: November 30, 1999
WHERE: 4th+Union, Seattle

DATE: November 30, 1999
WHERE: 7th+Pine, 9th+Pine, Seattle
VIDEOGRAPHER CREDIT: Jen Domeier and one other person. Ahhh!! It was unlabeled.. can't remember which of you took it. Let me know so I can give you credit!


DATE: November 30, 1999
WHERE: 5th+Union, Seattle

DATE: November 30, 1999
WHERE: Downtown, Seattle
VIDEOGRAPHER CREDIT: Brandon DeCuir+Ricardo Hubbs, Melissa Parson, Jen Domeier


DATE: November 30, 1999
WHERE: 3rd+Union, Seattle

The beginning of this footage is a bit shaky. Because I was scared and it was hard to get focuses.
The police were coming down 3rd in a line shooting loud things and there was lots of smoke and tear gas. I guess they were attempting to clear downtown. This is one of those moments where you can see the protests turn to be just rage about the behavior of the police (see the standoff tomorrow night on Capitol Hill)
The doors to Benaroya Hall had been locked so no one could seek respite there, even though there were plenty of people inside. It was a little scary when a few people pounded on the doors. At some point, the tear gas and the fear was too much for me. Good thing there was a big fountain there so we could wash our faces and eyes. I am leaving a lot of shaking footage in so that you can hear the audio. Next block down, business as usual - sort of.


N30 - WTO Conference Day 1
Big Rally and March
Human Rights + Labor Rights Day

About N30
Town Hall
3rd+Union blockade
Looking down 4th Ave
4th+Pike dumpster in the intersection
4th_University lockdown. art n dancin'
5th+Pike banner hang
6th+Pike - stage lockdown. art
6th+Union - lockdown. tear-gassed
6th+University - lockdown. tear-gassed, delegates trapped inside the Hilton
7th+Pine - block party
8th+Seneca - lockdown. pepper sprayed
B-Roll Day
Boren+Pike lockdown. puppets
Boren+Pine lockdown. puppets
Labor Rally n March
Indigenous People's March
Olive+Terry tripod Lockdown
Shame on China
After Dark

D2 - WTO Conference Day 3
Food and Agriculture Day
D3 - WTO Conference Day 4
Corporate Accountability Day

Thanks and praise.

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