1999 Seattle WTO Protest - The Human Experience
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About N30

The story I have so far is that there were 5 marches headed towards downtown Seattle, not all at the same time.

In the early morning from the East on Capitol Hil and from the West at Victor Steinbreuck Park by Pike Place Market, Direct Action Network folks would enter the city and establish their lockdowns, blocking traffic and hopefully blocking access to the Convention Center where the WTO Ministerial was being held.

Before the Labor march even got there, a few of these intersections went through quite the dramas, getting tear-gassed by the police.

At noon, there was a massive Labor rally at Memorial Stadium in Seattle Center which would march into downtown and then turn around and leave. By the time they got there, there were so many thousands of people already there and so much going on, pretty much everyone stayed.

From the South there was an Indigenous People's march that I have only one clip of and I hear there was another march from the NE, the Univeristy District. I have not footage of that.

East of Westlake became an intense block party with teargassing happening blocks away when someone lit a dumpster on fire. Police had blocked anyone from getting to the critical intersections where actions where blocking the Convention Center. I tell ya, it was all very confusing to be down there and not know exactly what was going on.

But you, my friend, have a map. And views of many of these intersections so you can figure it out.

I am in awe, of the human spirit, of the passion, the power of art and music and tactical planning. All the people in these videos are like you and me. There. Finding themselves, as we do.

Enjoy. Learn. Grow. Cry with me. Be inspired.


N30 - WTO Conference Day 1
Big Rally and March
Human Rights + Labor Rights Day

About N30
Town Hall
3rd+Union blockade
Looking down 4th Ave
4th+Pike dumpster in the intersection
4th_University lockdown. art n dancin'
5th+Pike banner hang
6th+Pike - stage lockdown. art
6th+Union - lockdown. tear-gassed
6th+University - lockdown. tear-gassed, delegates trapped inside the Hilton
7th+Pine - block party
8th+Seneca - lockdown. pepper sprayed
B-Roll Day
Boren+Pike lockdown. puppets
Boren+Pine lockdown. puppets
Labor Rally n March
Indigenous People's March
Olive+Terry tripod Lockdown
Shame on China
After Dark

D2 - WTO Conference Day 3
Food and Agriculture Day
D3 - WTO Conference Day 4
Corporate Accountability Day

Thanks and praise.

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