1999 Seattle WTO Protest - The Human Experience
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N29 Weird Standoff

Slowing down to watch long takes is how you can really get a feel for what it was like on the streets during the WTO protests. This was Monday, the day before the WTO meetings were supposed to start. There were actions all over town and it was the first time the police dispalyed their new, sci-fi uniforms. People were.. laughing, in a bit of shock and creeped out.

DATE: November 29, 1999
WHERE: 2nd + Pine, Downtown Seattle

Weird Standoff

DATE: November 29, 1999
WHERE: 2nd + Pine, Downtown Seattle


Behind the Weird Standoff


N30 - WTO Conference Day 1
Big Rally and March
Human Rights + Labor Rights Day

About N30
Town Hall
3rd+Union blockade
Looking down 4th Ave
4th+Pike dumpster in the intersection
4th_University lockdown. art n dancin'
5th+Pike banner hang
6th+Pike - stage lockdown. art
6th+Union - lockdown. tear-gassed
6th+University - lockdown. tear-gassed, delegates trapped inside the Hilton
7th+Pine - block party
8th+Seneca - lockdown. pepper sprayed
B-Roll Day
Boren+Pike lockdown. puppets
Boren+Pine lockdown. puppets
Labor Rally n March
Indigenous People's March
Olive+Terry tripod Lockdown
Shame on China
After Dark

D2 - WTO Conference Day 3
Food and Agriculture Day
D3 - WTO Conference Day 4
Corporate Accountability Day

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